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Loving Your Lashes

Loving Your Lashes? Lashes Extensions at Sòlas Rejuvenation + Wellness in California

You just got lash extensions, now what? Follow these tips to make your extensions look more luscious, clean, and stay in place longer!

Solas Eyelash Extension Aftercare

1. Don’t get them wet for 48 hours

For the first two days, avoid taking a shower, washing your eyes, or getting your extensions wet. This includes sweating from working out or saunas/ steam rooms. Water can affect eyelash glue, causing the bond to become brittle and easy to break, making your new lashes more likely to fall out. Another reason to avoid showering is because steam and water pressure can cause freshly-applied glue to not set properly.

2. Wash them daily after 48 hours

After the first 48 hours, residue will start to build up around the lash line. Washing your lashes frequently and thoroughly will help you avoid eye infections and prevent other eye issues. When washing your lashes, follow these steps to ensure you do not rip out, cause breakage, or ruin your extensions:

  • Brush them with a soft bristle brush. 
  • Wash them with a special eyelash extension “shampoo” and a brush.
  • Use a clean, dry spoolie (special brush used to apply mascara), supporting your lashes with a clean finger as you brush.
  • Let the water from your shower run down your face and over your eyes.
  • Every morning, you should brush your eyelash tips upward to keep them looking full.

3. Use caution with makeup and other products

  • Try to avoid any oil-based products near your eyelash extensions, especially for the first 24 hours. Double check each product before using, especially eye creams and makeup removers. 
  • Avoid eye makeup for the first 24 hours as well. After that, continue to skip the mascara, even the ones marketed as “extension-safe.” 
  • Waterproof makeup can soften the glue on your lash extensions. 
  • If you use eyeliner in your makeup routine, opt for a water-based, non-waterproof version.
  • Be gentle when you remove your makeup at the end of the day.
  • Use powder eyeshadow with caution as well, as the powder can get stuck in the glue and build up over time.
  • Don’t use eyelash curlers because they can damage your extensions or pull them out.

4. Don’t pick at them

Your extensions will feel funny at first, but after a couple days, you should feel more comfortable. No matter how odd they feel, don’t pick at them or try to remove them and don’t rub your eyes – you could tear or break your real lashes.

5. Don’t sleep on your stomach or side

If you sleep on your stomach or your side, you might crush your lashes, making them last a shorter period of time. Instead, try to sleep on your back. Opt for a Silk or Satin pillowcase as well.

6. Avoid clustering lashes

Cluster lashes are three hairs glued together to give your lashes a more voluminous look, but they are also heavier. This means they pull on your natural lashes. This can damage your natural lashes over time.

Sòlas Rejuvenation + Wellness offers a variety of eyelash extensions. From fills to full sets, and classic, volume, and hybrid styles, each set of extensions is designed to provide lush, thick, and long eyelashes. Simply contact us today to make an appointment!

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