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The Benefits Of IV Therapy

The Benefits Of IV Therapy at Sòlas Rejuvenation + Wellness in California

Infusion Therapy, also known as IV Therapy, is a medical treatment that rapidly hydrates the body’s vital organs and gives sustained absorption of key elements that result in optimal wellness.

Rapid hydration is essential for restoring balance within the body, allowing the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals while flushing out oxidizing free radicals from the body.

When achieving hydration at the cellular level, anyone can receive a broad range of benefits that include:

  • Improved mental clarity
  • Increased immune defense
  • Enhanced collagen production
  • Maintained youthful appearance

When the body is fully hydrated, both the mind and body feel refreshed with more energy. IV Therapy may aid respiratory illness, alleviate migraine headaches, and improve the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle.

A pre-workout regimen often used to improve athletic performance adds amino acids to aid muscle building. Used as a post-workout resource, IV Therapy hydrates the body and facilitates the release of free radicals to speed recovery.

Yet, anyone can benefit from IV Therapy. This unique health-improving modality aims to flush out toxic byproducts that the body naturally produces during its daily metabolic functions. These free radicals contribute to fatigue and low energy, resulting in lackluster skin, hair, and more.

Regular IV Therapy detoxifies the body and can slow the body’s aging process. Some aesthetic benefits of IV Therapy include:

  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Blemish improvement
  • Return of supple skin & tone
  • Strengthening hair
  • Restoring moisture to the eyes and lips

Hydrating from the inside out, IV Therapy is beneficial for individuals with chronic health conditions, as some medications block the body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients and prevent the healing process from occurring. Also, as a stress reliever, IV Therapy generates a natural improvement in the body’s sleep-wake cycle.

For those who are not seeing and sensing an improvement from a regular diet, in typically one hour – compared to the body’s two-day timeframe – IV Therapy allows the body to rapidly absorb and benefit from essential vitamins, minerals, and much more.

With advances in precision medicine, anyone can analyze their unique genetic makeup to discover aspects of their metabolism. These genetic tests reveal the precise path for specific nutrients required to achieve optimal wellness.

IV Therapy: Standard vs. Sòlas

Achieving optimal wellness is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Clients of Sòlas Rejuvenation + Wellness experience a variety of alternative therapies for customized services and optimal health and wellness goals.

The benefits of seeking IV Therapy at Sòlas Rejuvenation + Wellness include highly skilled staff trained at the emergency room level. All focus on providing the most relaxing, pain-free experience.

Clients of Sòlas Rejuvenation + Wellness also benefit from its commitment to providing the freshest, preservative-free vitamins and nutrients from single-use vials. It is vital to note that Sòlas Rejuvenation + Wellness only provides Vitamin C sourced from naturally derived tapioca; other service providers can source Vitamin C from GMO corn processed with acetone (nail polish remover).

In an ultimate spa environment, relaxation awaits at Sòlas Rejuvenation + Wellness. Once at the relaxing IV Therapy Lounge, patients can plug into USB ports in comfortable reclining chairs, sink into soft pillows, and take in aromatherapy for the ultimate relaxing and hydrating experience.

IV Therapy treatment at Sòlas Rejuvenation + Wellness uses twice the volume of preservative-free hydrating fluids (500 ml) compared with other service providers. The added hydration volume allows Sòlas’ clients to relax, uninterrupted, as the body soaks in the healing nutrients it requires most at the cellular level.

To experience rapid, natural benefits from IV Therapy in an ultimate spa setting, contact Sòlas Rejuvenation + Wellness today

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